Downtown Roanoke Events Services

Downtown Roanoke, Inc., as the permitting agent of the City of Roanoke and as the contracted management of the Downtown District, is uniquely positioned to help you with planning, permits and licenses you will need for your public event in downtown Roanoke. DRI has an expansive knowledge of the Downtown District, and events and marketing experience to make your event a success in Downtown!

If you would like to coordinate an assembly for more than FIVE people,  contact Mike Matthews, Special Events Manager, at 342-2028 ext. 14. DRI will note your date and desired location, assess your needs for your event, and inform you of any fees that will be due to The City of Roanoke.

  • SMALL EVENTS (less than 100 people): most information can be handled over the phone. YOU MUST CONTACT DRI AT LEAST 10 DAYS BEFORE YOUR EVENT. DRI can not assure or guarantee your event’s Assembly Permit will be reviewed/approved by the City of Roanoke if the deadlines are not met.
  • LARGE EVENTS AND FESTIVALS (over 100 people or your event requires closing streets): we recommend scheduling a meeting with us to  receive all needed applications and instructions.


So that we can serve and help you as thoroughly as possible, Downtown Roanoke, Inc. strictly adheres to the permitting timeline and deadline requirements established by the City of Roanoke – remember Downtown Roanoke, Inc. does NOT approve your Special Event Assembly Permit, the City of Roanoke staff does, therefore to allow Downtown Roanoke, Inc. staff adequate time to get your Assembly Permit Application through the approval process we ask you to adhere to the deadlines!