Fallon Florist Property

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23 Church Ave SW View on Google Maps
Roanoke, VA 24011

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This is the former Fallon Florist Building on Church Ave. First floor is about 2200 square feet of retail space. The second floor is a loft and work area that overlooks the retail space, and the third floor is about 2200 square feet of work and storage. It's situated on the north side of Church Ave. about halfway between Jefferson and First Street. Address is 23 Church Ave. There are unused tax credits available for renovation.

Former Fallon Florist building needs a new owner and some love to reach its full potential. It's located on Church Ave., one of the best streets in downtown Roanoke - a one-way street with plenty of on-street parking and a parking garage one block away. This property has potential as a live-work unit (live on the third floor - work on the first and second). New roof in 2019.

SF: 4,474




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