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Your Urban Adventure Awaits!

Even if you love the city, it’s still good to get a taste of the great outdoors. When you’re downtown, there’s no limit to the amount of things you can experience outside. For the urban adventurer, events like the Cycling Criterium, the Drumstick Dash, the Jingle Bell Run/Walk and the AEP Festival 5K/10K Run are just a few of our more popular annual outdoor activities. There are many great places like Elmwood Park where you can sit, relax, and just take it all in. Find your way to a park by following the Saucer Magnolia-lined walkway into a beautifully landscaped area with gardens and an amphitheater—it’s the perfect retreat. Elmwood Park is also the Trail–head of the Roanoke Valley Greenways network. If you need to get prepared for your next outdoor adventure, try shopping downtown. The area is a great resource for gear and supplies with shops like Orvis, Walkabout Outfitter, Sam’s, Cyclo-Ward, Share Bike and Starlight Bikes. Being surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains definitely has its perks and downtown Roanoke has whatever your inner outdoorsman desires. You’ll be amazed by what you see.


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