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Downtown Roanoke continues to experience incredible progress and vitality as the region’s principal cultural and economic center, but it is not without the help of a great members like you. A healthy downtown is essential to regional success and as member of DRI, you help us to continue providing quality programs, events, and special services while we help you get the most out of the what Downtown Roanoke has to offer!.

DRI Member Benefits

As a member of DRI*, you not only support our efforts to improve the region’s principal urban core, you are actively involved. Members benefit from the expansive network downtown provides, which includes more than 14,000 workers, 1,300 residents, and nearly 1 million regular visitors. This year we are stepping up our membership relations to help you get more from downtown—and, in turn, strengthen the economic and social network that makes downtown healthy and vibrant.

Benefits of DRI membership include:

  • Participation in the Downtown Gift Card Program
  • Free Broadcast e-mail to hundreds of downtown businesses
  • Opportunities to participate and volunteer in the many exciting programs and projects taking place downtown
  • Networking opportunities including an invitation to Annual Meeting, workshops and seminars, and Membership Night at Party in Elmwood!
  • Opportunity to promote your business, projects, and events on DRI's website, events calendar, Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

To see all the benefits DRI members enjoy, please download our DRI Member Benefits!

Join DRI Today

Whether you are a one-person entrepreneurial enterprise, a small to mid-size business or a national corporation, DRI makes things happen. Membership grants you instant access to networking opportunities, services, seminars, business development, marketing and promotional opportunities, advocacy, publications and more. So get ready to experience Downtown Roanoke in a new way—by making it work for you.

*If you’re a property owner in the downtown service district, we are pleased to offer you membership without having to pay additional membership dues.  If you operate a business in your property, your business can also be listed as a member! You may inform us of your ownership by emailing Dani Poe at danip@downtownroanoke.org or by phone at (540) 342-2028 ext. 12.

For more information on joining DRI, please contact Dani at danip@downtownroanoke.org

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