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Roanoke Gas Company & DRI Announce Market Street Construction Update

July 26,2011

Roanoke Gas Company and DRI today announced plans to continue the downtown renewal project currently underway to the City Market area. Around August 1, Roanoke Gas will begin the process of renewing its underground distribution system on the 300 block of Market Street, a project that will take two to three weeks to complete. As all work that has already been performed in the downtown area, the construction crews will be working Sunday through Thursday to avoid the busiest times on the Market. During the construction process, automobile traffic will have access to the 200 block of Market Street. While Roanoke Gas and DRI cannot promise no disruption, both entities have worked through a plan that will minimize disruptions as much as possible.

“Working in busy downtown streets is never easy and our wonderful, thriving market area is no exception”, said John Williamson, President and CEO of Roanoke Gas Company. “We are committed to making the process as easy on merchants and shoppers as possible but we cannot promise no disruption or inconvenience. However, our crews will be working in low traffic times and will complete the work, clean up, and street paving as quickly as possible”, Williamson said.

DRI has been in frequent discussions with vendors and store owners during the past several weeks helping them prepare for the work that will take place in front of their businesses and retail locations. “We are giving all of our vendors, retailers, and residents of the market area as much notice of the construction schedule as possible”, said Sean Luther, President and CEO of DRI. “Construction on Market Street and coordinating the needs of market vendors, retailers, restaurants and residents is a complicated process. DRI is committed to working with all stakeholders to minimize the impact of construction and ensure that shoppers and our members are informed of construction activities,” said Luther.

All work on the two blocks of Market Street will be complete by early September to coincide with the public opening of the renovated Market Square Building.
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