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Downtown Beautification Grants

Downtown Roanoke, Inc. offers Beautification Grants for downtown businesses and property owners. The goal of this grant program is to stimulate storefront beautification and to provide a financial incentive for property or business owners to improve/enhance commercial building exteriors.

If you're interested in participating in this grant program, download the application to learn more!

A few of the projects helped along with Downtown Beautification Grant funds are listed below.

Walkabout Outfitter Sign

A beautification grant was award to Walkabout Outfitter for an outdoor sign to draw in customers. 

Completed: 2024

La De Da Awnings

DRI awarded a beautification grant to La De Da for 5 new, bright purple awnings around the building. The awnings increase the store's visibility from Market Street and Church Avenue. 

Completed: 2023

Gallery Flags

Art Galleries in the Downtown Service District were given flags to hang outside their stores to let customers know when they're open for business. 

Completed: 2022

Printer's Alley

Printer's Alley is now a mixed use space that allows for both commercial and residential purposes. The name actually pays homage to the old printer Roanoke Printing Company Inc., which was housed in the building on the left of the alley. As part of the revitalization efforts, the developer commissioned local artist to paint a mural in the alley. 

Completed: 2021

RAMP "Greetings from Roanoke" Building Sign

The vintage, post-card style vinyl artwork is located on the RAMP Building on Jefferson Street, right across from Elmwood Park. Greetings from Roanoke welcomes visitors to Downtown. 

Completed: 2017

Candy Store Sign and Window Decals

The Candy Store added a sign and window decals to the new location in at 1 Market Square SE. 

Completed: 2016

Martin's Downtown Awnings

Blue awnings add to the curb appeal of Martin's Downtown on the corner of First Street and Luck Avenue. 

Completed: 2015