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Busk Roanoke & Theater in the Square

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Busk Roanoke! is a collaborative effort to infuse Downtown Roanoke with the energy and fun of live performance. Market Square and the Historic City Market are world class public spaces, providing the full experience of an urban destination. That includes engaging and memorable street performance.

Join the Roanoke Arts Commission, Downtown Roanoke, Inc., The City Market Building, and Commissioner of the Revenue, Ryan LaFountain, as we explore how we can encourage a safe, fun, and friendly downtown experience in Market Square Plaza and other public spaces in Downtown Roanoke.

Busking (verb): playing music or performing in the street or another public place for voluntary donations


Join Jefferson Rose for a first-ever Theatre in the Square workshop for artists interested in street performance in Downtown Roanoke.

Theater in the Square Workshop
Friday, July 19, 6pm
The City Market Building
32 Market Square, SE


The event will be followed by a Busk Roanoke! Saturday. Workshop participants will be invited to attend a 3pm performance, followed by an encouraging invitation to set up and perform downtown.

This busker’s takeover will help you identify what makes for a good location for your performance and help you feel comfortable trying it out. Seasoned professionals will observe your efforts and provide you with helpful and encouraging tips. The rest of us will come cheer you on. We’ll invite the public to come down, bring their tip money, and enjoy the shows!

Busk Roanoke!
Saturday, July 20
Two performance opportunities

10am ★ Gather and prepare
11am-1pm performance

5pm ★ Gather and prepare
6pm – 8pm performance


We have room for about 50 workshop participants. We know not everyone is going to want to participate in the Saturday busking, but we’re all going to want to come down to watch, our pockets flush with tips. Up to 30 performers will be paid a $50 stipend for their efforts. Performers must attend the Friday evening workshop to be eligible for the stipend provided by the presenting partners.

What are you waiting for? The show’s about to begin, so let’s gather ’round.

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