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LinDor Arts 3 Shows Opening

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On October 6th, LinDor Arts will present three different shows by the area’s more prominent and popular artists.

The Classical Nude with a Twist: This show will feature Whitney Brock's interpretation of the human figure painted classically, but with a modern contemporary theme or twist. One of the most creative artists around, Brock pushes the boundaries of classical leanings with a thoughtful and sometimes humorous injection of sophisticated wit and understanding of our nature.

Loving and Living in the Blue Ridge: Nina McGee has produced paintings depicting mountains like no other artist can. Her glowing, vast landscapes showing the mountains at a great distance, her intimate floral paintings with flowers grown from her well-tended gardens, and everything that is important to her Loving & Living in the Blue Ridge.

Signature9: With this show, LinDor Arts is paying tribute to the ladies that created Signature9, a gallery that existed for years showing the area's better artist' works. These five artists have continued to grow in their own styles and are presenting works that showcase their remarkable techniques. The five artists we are exhibiting are Vera Dickerson, Tracy Budd, Nancy Stark, Gari Stephenson, and Sandi D'Alessandro (deceased).