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Chimes Roanoke - Interactive Art

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How to See Chimes Roanoke

Downtown Roanoke Inc., with generous support from ValleyStar Credit Union, is pleased to invite you to see, explore, and interact with Chimes from January 31 - February 29, 2020 in Market Square. The installation is free, open to the public, and appropriate for all ages.

Post a picture or video with #ChimesRoanoke for your chance to win one of 5 $100 Visa Gift Cards provided by ValleyStar Credit Union!

Market Square is located at 1 Market Square SE in Downtown Roanoke and is open daily from 7:00am - 3:00am.

While you're downtown, visit our diverse retailers and many delicious restaurants. Need help on where to park? Check out your options.

About the Installation

Chimes refers to the concept of chaos theory, in which a small action produces a large impact. Inspired by the scientific concept of strange attractors, a random disorder is set up thanks to 30 lights and 8 speakers that come to life at the slightest swaying of the chimes.

At rest, without any interaction, the installation is in a state of equilibrium. But a simple gust of wind, or an interaction with a visitor, transforms the entire ambiance and generates new light and sound patterns. Every chock between the Chimes' bells disturbs the audiovisual environment and can generate divergent evolutions. The results become unpredictable and chaotic. The countless possible combinations give the user a multitude of options to explore. Curious spectators, step this way!

Work Credits

Creation and execution: Collectif Blackbox, A coproduction of Quartier des Spectacles Partnership and Spectra (Illuminart); Creation Fête des Lumières of Lyon (2017). Project manager / Artistic Director: Mathilde Joanny; Technical Director: Salim Lounis; Creative programmer: Alexandre Lustigman; Integrator: Mathieu Désilets; Interactive programmer: Claude Macena; Sound programmer: Xavier Tremblay

Photo Credit: Frédérique Menard-Aubin