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Downtown Murals

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Calling all art lovers...Downtown Roanoke is full of art. This feature will walk you through the best selfie spots and must-see murals. From well-known pieces to hidden gems, we'll tell you all about murals.

Murals in Downtown Roanoke

Greetings from Roanoke - 709 S Jefferson St

If you've never been to Roanoke, then you have to take an obligatory photo in front of the postcard mural. (Even if you've been here, you should still go take a photo). The letters contain iconic places in Roanoke: the Mill Mountain Star, City Market Building, The Taubman Museum of Art, The Hotel Roanoke, and more! Greetings from Roanoke is located on the RAMP Building on Jefferson St, right across from Elmwood Park.  Don't forget to send the pic to your family and friends!

Carvins Cove Mural - 601 S Jefferson St

Have you ever walked down the street and looked up to see Carvins Cove? This piece was painted by William Byrd high school senior, Ashley Roop, on a canvas and was later blown up to fit on the side of a building! You'll find the sun setting over Carvins Cove on the back of the Western Virginia Water Authority building, on the Franklin Rd side, near the Premier parking lot.

The Water Authority's plan is to switch out the artwork every few years to highlight different artists. What a wonderful way to showcase local artwork!

Ursula's Bird Mural - 511 S Jefferson

Head over to Ursula's Cafe to see the awesome painting of a bird reading a book created by Josh Nolan. What do you think? Is it a crane or a stork?

There's a table and two chairs so you can enjoy your coffee and admire the mural at the same time. Bring a book to recreate the image!

Gramercy Row Mural - 206 Williamson Rd SE

This mural of a farmer adds a pop of color to the Gramercy Row Apartment Residences building. Created by Nils Westergard, the man depicted appears to watch as a butterfly flutters ahead. Fun fact: the butterfly can be found on many of Nils' works. His logo is basically his signature. 

You can easily spot this blue work of art from Interstate 581 if you're headed southbound.

If you look closely, you'll see that the paint was intentionally made to look like it is dripping down the wall. What a neat (and talented) effect! 

Climbing Towards Success - 207 Bullitt Ave SE

A recently completed mural was painted by James Bullough and portrays a woman rock climbing with a view of McAfee's Knob and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. The goal of this work is to represent the love of local outdoors culture. You'll find this breathtaking mural on the Freedom First Credit Union building across from Elmwood Park.

Gateway Mural - Tazewell Ave

As the name suggests, the bridge underpass where this mural is located is one of the many gateways to Downtown Roanoke.

When put together, the columns create a cohesive image consisting of flowers, mountains, train tracks, and people riding bikes. 

The French Farmhouse Mural - 9 Church Ave SE

The seafoam green doors Jon Murrill painted on the side of The French Farmhouse look pretty realistic! This is a photo op favorite spot among influencers and retailers. You'll often see fashionistas posing for pictures here. There's an event space upstairs called Rendezvous, making this the perfect spot to gather your crew before or after your event. 

Printer's Alley - 411 1st St SW

Printer's Alley is now a mixed use space that allows for both commercial and residential purposes. The name actually pays homage to the old printer Roanoke Printing Company Inc., which was housed in the building on the left of the alley.

As part of the revitalization efforts, the developer commissioned local mural artist, Toobz Muir, to paint a walkway mural with an abstract “R O A N O K E” in the alleyway between Sidecar and First Citizens Bank. In the image, you can see the O, K, and E (music note). The alley is used by tenants to access the apartments above the businesses. (Fun tip: You can also use the alley to get to the parking in the back). 

Keep your eyes peeled for other Muir pieces. 

"Home" - 110 Salem Ave SE

If you've ever visited The Taubman Museum of Art, you may have noticed the artwork painted on the bridge walls. The murals are frequently re-painted to allow new art to shine.

Currently, a piece by Theodore Taylor III occupies the space. Inspired by Garvey's Choice, a graphic novel he recently illustrated, the scene depicts elements of space, astronomy, and exploration.  

Vintage Coca-Cola Advertisement - 115 Salem Ave SE

Across from The Taubman Museum of Art, a vintage Coca-Cola ad sits on the wall above the parking lot. Best Bet Arts repainted this mural a few years ago. Not only does the mural promote the soda brand, it promotes downtown dining, museums, merchants, and the Historic Roanoke City Farmer's Market

Virginia Sign - 23 Salem Ave SE

WyndRose Boutique had a Virginia sign commissioned for the side of their store. This mural isn't painted on the actual bricks, it is painted on wood, which is attached to the building. Different regions of the state are represented. For example, Southwest Virginia has the Blue Ridge Mountains and a hiker. Similarly, the coast has someone enjoying a drink on the beach. 

Accentuated Forms in Space - 312 2nd St SW

First painted by Roanoke native Dorothy Gillespie in 1979, this large mural was just restored to it's original state with vibrant colors. You can find this near 2 Chill Restaurant, on the other side of the building. You can find some of Gillespie's art in downtown buildings, The Taubman Museum of Art, Center in the Square, and LinDor Arts. 

Floating, Together - 210 4th St SW

John Nolan's long mural Floating, Together can be found behind Hustle/Haven. His piece was inspired by quarantine and the isolation of Covid-19. People were all isolated from each other and alone, but at the same time, everyone was alone together. There's a sense of community while not being physically with each other. Learn more about the mural here.

The Lofts Mural - 409 Salem Ave SW

It's hard not to stare up at the large mural on the side of The Lofts at West Station when you visit Big Lick Brewing Co. for a beer. Artist James Bullough left the piece up to interpretation. He wants people to start discussions about what they think is happening. Is the woman falling out of a window? Was she knocked off her feet? You decide! 

Golden Cactus Brewing - 214 5th St SW

The bright colors, flying birds, and (of course) cacti make Golden Cactus Brewing's patio space warm and welcoming.

Not pictured here— they also have a colorful, refurbished shipping container for lounging and selfies. If you haven't seen it in person, you should! You can enjoy the view while sipping a Golden Cactus beer. 

Morty the Corgi -  1406 Williamson Rd SE

The owners of Headquarters Hair Salon got Morty the corgi when the world shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. They love him so much that they had this custom work created by Tandem Arts for the side of their building. 

They hope the purple, green, and yellow painting of Morty brings a smile to everyone's faces, just as he's done for them over the last four years. 

A Star City in Motion - Reserve Ave and Jefferson St

Downtown Roanoke's newest mural was painted by Jon Murrill at River's Edge North. The piece highlights outdoor activities, like running, biking, and kayaking, embraced by Roanokers. 

The mural is located on the side of the Jefferson St. ramp near the soccer fields and across the street from Carilion Clinic Rheumatology.


River's Edge Tunnel - Evans Mill Rd & Rosalind Ave SW

Another gateway into downtown is the River's Edge Sports Complex Tunnel. The clouds and sky transform this dark tunnel into a bright entrance to the park, where you'll find soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, the greenway (perfect for running and biking), and the Roanoke River.

You'll find the tunnel's entrance near Carilion Clinic Cardiology and the Roanoke Heart Institute.

More murals & artwork

  • Vintage Ads for National Biscuit Company, Virginia Carriage Factory Inc., and Pepsi Cola.
  • Agnew Seed Store Farm & Garden Ad on the retailer's old building
  • Parking Garage Murals in Market, Campbell, Salem, and Center in the Square Garages
  • Hustle/Haven's building
  • Corned Beef & Co.'s Coca-Cola mural on the rooftop
  • Stormdrain Inlet Art

Use the map below to find murals downtown.

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