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I like free stuff - Newsletter Referral Program Breakdown

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If you've landed on this page and didn't know....we have a weekly newsletter that helps you plan your weekend! Every Wednesday, we share the latest info on what's coming up downtown and a whole lot more.

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I'm here because you said something about free stuff....

Yes! Keep reading to learn how you can earn free Downtown Roanoke Swag by sharing the newsletter with others.

Share the Newsletter, Earn Swag - Learn about the Newsletter Referral Program

Current prizes avialable with number of referrals required

What is the referral program?
In the most basic terms…you tell people they should subscribe to our weekly newsletter and when they do, you win free Downtown Roanoke Swag. The more people you tell who sign up, the more you win.

I love free stuff, how do I do this?

Every newsletter subscriber has been assigned a unique link for the referral program. If you currently subscribe, you can find your link in the referral program section of the newsletter. Copy your link and send it out. You can text it, email it, post it on social media, whatever you like. Just tell people to sign up and give them your unique link to do it.

Now you can begin your swag journey!

If you still have questions or want to dig in to the details and recommendations, keep reading.

What happens after I send my unique link to someone?

When people click your link they land on this page:

They'll enter their email address and and hit “Sign Me Up!” to subscribe to the newsletter. When that happens it triggers a referral. Every time someone uses your link to sign up, you get credit for a referral. The more referrals you get, the more swag you earn.

What happens after I win swag?
When you hit the referral number required to earn Downtown Roanoke Swag, you’ll receive an automatic email from us that asks for your shipping address. Once we have that, we'll send your order over to our local fulfillment partner who will process and ship your item out.

But I don’t know who to share the newsletter with!  I don't want to be "pushy"!

Email or text your link to friends, family, co-workers, anyone. Or you don't have to send out your link directly to people if that's not your style. If you have social media, you could post it and encourage people to sign up. What about a fun post like this one -->

Have more questions? Get in touch.

Now it's your turn! Share the newsletter and begin your ascent of the Downtown Roanoke Swag ladder!