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Where to grab your favorite warm beverage downtown

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Hot, iced, blended, or with an extra shot of espresso, the Star City has plenty of places to find your favorite cup of joe. With the chill of the winter months settled into the valley, there's nothing like a warm beverage to warm you up while you chill out. Here are some of our favorite places to grab a cup of coffee and more downtown!

 Bread Craft

Savor the taste of fresh coffee and pastries!  Bread Craft offers freshly brewed coffee and lattes, french press, and more.  While you're there try one of the many delicious and fresh baked pastries and breads offered. If you want something heartier, a light brunch-style menu is also offered.



You will definitely want to Rise and Grind after visiting this shop located on Kirk Ave.  Here you can find fresh breakfast sandwiches made on homemade biscuits, cinnamon rolls with fresh honey and icing as well as a full coffee bar! If you wish to start off your day on a fresher note, yogurt, fruit, granola, and smoothies are also on the menu. This small shop has become a favorite by many and could become yours as well!

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Cello Coffee House and Cafe 

A cozy Mediterranean cafe with a coffee bar.  This shop is a great opportunity to try some new favorites from the Mediterranean Menu and try some tasty coffee and smoothies.



A tasty coffee bar for every appetite.  This unique spot has all-natural remedies for every taste.  Their variety of lattes, teas, and well-known "potions" will help soothe your soul and expand your horizons! You can also use that newfound energy at the cycling and yoga classes offered daily. Memberships are also available.

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Little Green Hive

Located right in the front of the Crafteria, this delicious coffee shop and Smoothie Bar with seasonal menus and customizable options.  This spot will make you feel good from the inside out. The shop also has fresh whole-bean coffee to take home and make yourself! 

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Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea

A staple in the Star City right on the main road and just steps from the historic City Market.  With dozens of coffee and loose tea combinations to choose from, you're bound to find your new favorite cup of joe every visit. In addition to a warm beverage, you can also check out a selection of baked goods to pair with it.  Fresh scones, muffins, and cookies are just a few of the rotating pairings available with whatever new beverage combination you discover! 


On the Rise

A quaint little bakery located on market street with fresh baked bread and pastries you can pair your coffee with on the way to morning.  If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, the shop also has a full lunch menu specializing in sandwiches, soups, and freshly made pizza. 

Starbucks- The Bridges

If something more familiar is more your speed, Starbucks is also available downtown.  Whether you're a Pumpkin Spice Latte Fan or something more simple the Seattle-based coffee chain's barista staff are ready to serve you.

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STEAM Coffee and Eatery

Located in the Hotel Roanoke, this coffee shop is a favorite of both locals and those visiting from out of town easy to access if you're looking for that extra jolt before your next meeting.  This little cafe also has outdoor seating and a food menu you satisfy every craving!


Rookies Ice Cream Shop

There is a latte to love here! Not only does this cute little shop have plenty of cookie-flavored lattes, but also has fresh-baked cookies and ice cream! Can't decide, try it all with an affogato! 

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Waffle Cone 

One of downtown's newest businesses in 2024.  This shop has everything from ice cream to desserts, coffee, tea, smoothies, and bubble tea.  Be sure to check out their website because their menu is rotating! 


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