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Downtown Roanoke Ambassador Program

Having a clean, safe, and welcoming downtown is the foundation of a great city. Later this Summer, Downtown Roanoke, Inc. (DRI) will officially launch a new Downtown Ambassador Program representing a major investment from DRI into the ongoing improvement of Downtown Roanoke. This new program will build on existing services and allow us to expand and improve the downtown experience for residents, employees, and visitors.

The Ambassador Program will be administered by Block by Block, a company that serves more than 120 urban districts, parks, and transit systems across the United States, and managed by DRI. The program will be funded with significant investment from DRI, City of Roanoke, Roanoke Foundation for Downtown, Inc., Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge Foundation, and other downtown stakeholders..

The 8-person Downtown Ambassador team will be present 6 days a week providing nearly 300 hours of services each week. Ambassadors will be broken down into three teams with the following core functions:

  • Clean Team: removal of litter and debris, weed control, graffiti and handbill removal, power washing
  • Hospitality Team: actively engage and welcome downtown visitors, answer questions, provide directions and recommendations
  • Outreach Team: conduct business outreach, address quality of life issues, check in with those in need and help connect them with services, work closely with Roanoke City Police to report and share information

Ambassadors will be dressed in bright, easily identifiable uniforms.

DRI is working with Block by Block to launch the program with the goal of seeing Downtown Ambassadors on the street by the first of September. Between now and then, Block by Block will recruit employees for the 8-person team and those employees will go through extensive training.

This program is a community-wide effort and DRI has secured funding for the first year. We are actively seeking additional funders to ensure the program continues forward. To learn more and find out how you can get involved, contact Tina Workman at