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Downtown Roanoke Beautification

At Downtown Roanoke, Inc. we're working to make downtown attractive and vibrant because we believe that an economically strong, vibrant, clean and safe downtown is essential for the health of the entire Roanoke Valley and its surrounding region.

Our efforts include:

Hanging Basket Program

In 2014, Downtown Roanoke, Inc. (DRI) was honored to take over the Hanging Basket Program in downtown Roanoke established by Valley Beautiful over 30 years ago. DRI works with The City of Roanokeā€™s Department of Parks and Recreation to plant, hang, and maintain the baskets. With your donations, we've expanded the program by 225 baskets and 31 planter boxes. It is our goal to increase the number of baskets and planters each year until we have them hanging throughout the downtown district and lining our walkways. Each basket costs about $325 for plants, materials, and maintenance per season. 

DRI recognizes that without YOU, the dedicated donors, this program would not be possible. Please continue to support this worthy program and help us beautify the downtown area with these wonderful baskets. Donations are accepted through the Roanoke Foundation for Downtown, DRI's 501(c)3 partner.

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Market Street Update and New Market Square Planters

Working to energize the Market Street area, Downtown Roanoke, Inc. partnered with the City of Roanoke for the update of Market Square. The area is now more pedestrian friendly and functional with space for outdoor dining, festivals, music and other programming. In order to enhance the beauty in Market Square, DRI added all new planters showcasing beautiful flowers and greenery. These are planted by our City Market vendors and feature their own greenhouse varieties. Each planter costs approximately $550 for plants, materials and maintenance each season.