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Clean & Safe Program

At Downtown Roanoke, Inc. we're working to make downtown clean, safe, attractive and vibrant.

DRI has many programs in place working to accomplish this goal.

Ambassador Program Our Ambassador team help keep Downtown Roanoke's sidewalks and streets free of litter and debris and complement the presence of the Roanoke City Police Department. The team also serve as "goodwill ambassadors" and act as a reporting mechanism for various Downtown issues.

Starling and Pigeon Abatement Program with the City of Roanoke

Trash Compactor Program We partnered with the City of Roanoke on installation and management of Downtown trash compactors. This program removes on-street trash from Downtown sidewalks and eliminates trash trucks during peak outdoor dining hours. Since installation recycling has increased 5.308 tons per week and trash has decreased 8.883 tons per week helping to earn the City of Roanoke an award for Recycler of the Year (2015). If you're a downtown resident or business in need of a Trash Fob to utilize the compactors, order one here.

Big Belly Solar Compactors To further assist in the efforts to keep our Downtown clean, DRI has donated 20 of these "Big Belly" units to the City of Roanoke for use on streets around downtown.