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Downtown Roanoke's Central Business District Trash Compactors

A Central Business District trash compactor program was established through a partnership between Downtown Roanoke, Inc. and the City of Roanoke. The compactors are sealed and prevent the build-up of business waste on Downtown sidewalks, as well as the on-street pickup during peak outdoor dining hours. More information on the program can be found here. If you're a downtown resident or business in need of a Trash Fob to utilize the compactors, order one here.

Compactor Zones and Locations

Zone 1: Kirk Avenue Compactor - located on Kirk Ave behind Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea

Zone 2: Campbell Court Compactor - located in the Campbell Court Bus Station, entry from Salem Ave

Zone 3: Kirk Avenue Compactor #2 - located in the parking lot across from Fortunato's restaurant

Zone 4: Hampton Inn Compactor - located in the parking lot behind former Fire Station #1

Zone 5: Luck Avenue Compactor - located in the parking lot behind Martin’s Downtown Bar and Grill

Map of Compactor Zones

Rules and Regulations

Review the Compactor Rules and Regulations

Some key points about the compactor:

  • The compactor is located in a secure, fenced area with access only allowed via key fobs issued to each business
  • The compactor is well lit and has security cameras on it 24/7
  • Each business or resident receives one free compactor use per week. Each additional use of the trash compactor will cost $1.75. The charge is only incurred when the trash compactor is used.
  • The recycling area inside the trash compactor's fence is free to use for all trash fob holders.

Should any situation arise, please call City of Roanoke's Solid Waste Staff at (540) 853-6846 or DRI at (540) 342-2028.

View the FAQs

What Our Business Owners Are Saying:

"We love having it readily accessible and the recycling option is perfect for us."-John, Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op

"I think it is wonderful and beneficial to all. It beautifies the streets, encourages recycling, and provides a positive opportunity for us to come together for a better Downtown Roanoke."-Maya, On the Rise Bread Co.

"I think it is nice not to have stinky trash and piled up cardboard right by our door. It makes the Market look better to not have trash all over the place."-Stacy, The Gift Niche