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DORA Explained

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No, you haven't stumbled into a fan zone about a backpack wearing cartoon character who likes to go exploring :) What you have found is a post breaking down the details for our Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA). If you were looking for the other type of info, might we suggest you head elsewhere. 

DORA boundary is noted in red

First off, what is it?

DORA is an ABC license that allows us to designate a specific area within the downtown district where you can consume a legally purchased alcoholic beverage in public (not just inside the place you purchased it). 

When can you enjoy DORA?

Those of you who are 21 and older can enjoy your alcoholic beverage within DORA (noted in red on the map) from 11:00am - 8:00pm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through September 25th, 2022. 

So how does this work? Let's break it down.

Step 1 - Come Downtown

Yes, there is plenty of parking :) Nearby options we recommend are Center in the Square Garage, Market Garage or Market Lot. The maximum rate for 24 hours in each of these locations is $8, less if you don't plan on staying that long.

Step 2 - Head to a participating bar/restaurant and order a beverage

Get your to-go beverage from one of the participating businesses listed at the bottom of this article.

Beverages must be in a cup labeled with the name of the business you purchased it from.

Step 3 - Head out and explore the area

Many downtown retailers welcome you to come inside with your beverage and shop. Just look for the signs on their doors.

These signs let you know it's safe to come inside with your beverage.

Step 4 - Dispose of your cup in a trash receptacle

Step 5 - Repeat as desired

Housekeeping items to make sure we're all on the same page.

  • You can't take an alcoholic beverage from one bar/restaurant into another bar/restaurant.
  • Don't leave the designated area with your beverage. The map above shows the designated area and we also have signage posted.
Don't take your alcoholic beverage beyond these points.

Commonly asked questions

Is this going on forever?

  • No it is not.

But it's so cool, why not?

  • The type of DORA license we have is a temporary, 12-month-long license that allows us to "open" DORA 16 times over the course of 12 months. Each weekend we open DORA counts as 1 of our 16. 

Will you keep doing this?

  • Based on the positive feedback from downtown businesses and the community, we're looking into the options to obtain this license again. As always, we'll keep you informed once we have news to share. In the meantime, come downtown and enjoy it while you're able.

Why aren't streets closed during DORA hours?

  • DORA is not an event. The goal isn't to have a large number of people congregating in an area (as we would with Dickens of a Christmas for example). People enjoy DORA in the same way they enjoy downtown normally, except they have a beverage in street closure needed.

Can I only order beer?

  • No, you can purchase any alcoholic beverage you would like just as long as you get it in a cup labeled with the name of the place you purchased it.

Now, go out and enjoy the warm weather and help stimulate the local economy with your purchases.

Have you come down and enjoyed DORA already? 

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