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Our Downtown Ambassadors

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Our 8-person Downtown Ambassador team is out on the street making a big impact for our downtown district. We'd like to introduce you to a few of our team members and share some of the exciting impact numbers we're already seeing. 

The Ambassador team is downtown 6 days a week providing nearly 300 hours of weekly services to build on existing services and allow us to expand and improve the downtown experience for residents, employees, and visitors.

Meet some of the team

Briana Dickerson aka "Bri" - Operations Manager

Briana Dickerson

As the Operations Manager, Bri is the leader of the Ambassador Team and makes sure everything is running smoothly.

Bri's background in community engagement attracted her to the program. She has a passion for meeting people where they are in life and really loves having an on-staff Outreach Coordinator that is a connection point and referral source to services.

Her highlights so far: seeing the impact of the work they're doing, making connections with people in need of services, and hearing how excited downtown businesses and the community are about the program.

Bri wants you to know that when you spot the Ambassador Team, talk to them and ask them for assistance if you need it. Or call their service line at 540.553.6638. They're here for you!

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Alex Hash - Outreach Coordinator

Alex Hash

As our Outreach Coordinator, Alex has established relationships with our local social service agencies and serves as a connection point with those in need. He's outside walking (and often biking) around the area, developing relationships with the unsheltered population. His high level of visibility and the relationships he's establishing make it possible for him to connect those in need with area services with the hope of improved outcomes.

Alex has many years of experience in this field including running the Homelss Veterans Program. His passion for helping the community led him to this job and he loves that he can be outside helping people rather than sitting behind a desk all day.

Alex's highlights so far: connecting with people and hearing their stories. "There's no bigger reward than when you're helping people."

Krista Patterson - Team Lead - Clean

Krista Patterson

As our Clean Team Lead, you can find Krista out and about pulling weeds, picking up trash, removing stickers, graffiti, and a whole lot more. 

Krista loves being out and about downtown. She enjoys the ability to "find something and get to work" and the flexibility to decide what she does with her day. 

The team is highly visible and has been met with a lot of excitement by the community. Krista's still getting used to all of the attention that being an Ambassador has brought but said she's "just happy to be out here". 

Her highlight so far: doing something impactful, worthwhile, and good for the community.

Chris Wilson - Clean Team & Hospitality Team Lead

Chris Wilson

During the week, you can find Chris staying busy with his Clean Team responsibilities. You'll find him removing stickers and graffiti, picking up trash, pulling weeds, and more. On Fridays and Saturdays, Chris puts on his hospitality hat to answer questions, give directions, recommendations, and more to anyone who needs assistance. 

Chris was attracted to the Ambassador Program because he likes helping make downtown look great and making it a nice place to live and visit. He also enjoys the "instant gratification" of seeing the results of his work and enjoys talking to new people.

His favorite project so far was cleaning up the Roanoke Valley War Memorial, located on Church Ave and 2nd St., and chatting with a thankful Veteran who happened to be there.

Marquice Redd aka "Redd" - Ambassador - Clean & Hospitality

Maurice Redd

As a Clean & Hospitality Ambassador, Redd is helping to make downtown clean and welcoming. In his hospitality role, he helps out with requests for directions, recommendations, escorts, and more. He's already working hard to elevate the appearance of our downtown district and make it easier for everyone to navigate.

He was interested in becoming an Ambassador because he felt like it was a program that could take downtown to the next level. 

He's excited about the opportunity to learn and grow as an Ambassador employed by Block by Block. He's also looking forward to going in to all the areas of Downtown Roanoke to make an impact. 

Dustin Dodge - Ambassador - Clean Team

Dustin Dodge

Dustin's love of Downtown Roanoke lead him to our Ambassador Program and a role on the Clean Team.

He grew up just a mile outside of downtown and spent his childhood coming here every weekend to walk around and enjoy the city.

This love for downtown led him to an Ambassador position and he's excited to really make downtown shine so others will enjoy it as much as he does.

He loves everything about his Ambassador role because it allows him to be out on the streets of downtown every day making an impact. He works daily pulling weeds, picking up litter, removing graffiti and stickers, and doing whatever else is needed.

September's Numbers

The program was active for just 2 weeks in September but it had a big impact! 

If you need assistance from the Ambassador Team, call (540) 553-6638.

Ambassador Hours

The current hours for our Ambassador Team are noted below. This schedule is subject to change as we make adjustments during the early stages of the program.

  • Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:30pm
  • Friday & Saturday 8:00am - 10:30pm